Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be Careful Who You Choose as Friends

I made friends with the swans yesterday. Even Snowflake. I sat at the edge of the lake, chatting with one of my girls on the phone. The birds came closer and closer until finally they were out of the water and within reach. Snowflake hissed at me then reached out and bit me. I smacked him (not hard) and threatened to break his scrawny neck. After that, we were great friends. He and Midnight had that look that said, "Please feed me," and the poor little duck and the coot just stood back, hoping for a few crumbs of sustenance as well.

I've got a soft spot for hungry critters so I went to the camper for some bread. In a couple of seconds they gobbled up all the pieces I crumbled for them, so I told them to wait right there while I went for another piece. This time when I came out of the camper, both the swans were right there at the door like a couple of trick-or-treaters. I fed them and they ate greedily. My fun with them ended when Midnight relieved herself two feet from my door mat.

So I leave you with this bit of wisdom.

Be careful who you choose as friends. They might just come begging for bread and poop on your porch!

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