Saturday, September 13, 2008

Passing Storm

The clouds are still thick, heavy, and on the move, but the wind is calming. We made it through just fine with only a few strong gusts of wind and (at this point) only a little bit of rain.

Our daughter in Houston made it through the storm as well. She's without water and power right now, but that is only an inconvenience compared to what many in the area are facing. She still has her windows and doors and flooding is not an issue in her neighborhood.

We've not been able to get in touch with Rick's brother and his family, but we are hoping all is well with them too.

I'm thankful for God's care and protection. My prayers and concern are offered for all the folks whose lives have been drastically altered by Ike. I also pray that God's presence be known and His grace and love manifested through His children as clean-up and recovery take place.

Too bad we are working here in Louisiana at the moment. It would be cool to get to work in an area where we actually have family. But not this time I guess.

Life goes on. I know it does because there are dirty dishes piled in the sink, patiently waiting for me. So I guess I had better stir up some of what my granddaughter calls "Mimi's bubbles" and get them washed. So until next time, keep looking for the Son, knowing the storms of life will soon blow on by.


Tricia said...

Mimi's Bubbles!
Now anytime that Natalie sees a trailer of any kind, (Camper, or even horse) she says Mommy!, Pawpaw's house!

Talkin' Texan said...

I sure miss those sweet little girls. And I miss Natalie helping me wash the dishes! It's nice to know she thinks of Pawpaw's house every time she sees a trailer. We think of her and Gabbie, [and their parents ;)] often!

Brittney said...

after I saw the photo's of Houston, I thought of your family and many others who have family there. I am glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. I hope Rick's brother is doing as well. Will be keeping them in your prayers. Here in Austin we just had a little wind and a few clouds. It was nice to have the cooler weather for a day. Looking forward to hear more about your adventures.