Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time For A New Picture

Have you ever tried to take your own picture? It's a HOOT!

The picture I've had here on my blog is getting old. Or is it me that is getting old? I guess the picture is outdated BECAUSE I'm getting old.

I hate having my picture made. I always feel so stupid. Well, try taking your own picture and see how stupid you feel!

This is my "Oh Brother!" pose.

Then I wondered what I would look like cartooned. So I put on the granny glasses. (I need them to read because I'm on the backside of the hill.)

Here is my cartoon look. It might be better than the real thing! Except it looks like I've been eating Oreo cookies and have crumbs on my lips.

That's just natural luster I promise. I don't have any Oreos in the pantry. But if I did...

This is my "I've got my eye on you" pose. Put me in a coloring book and I might look like this. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So what do ya think? Those crow's feet around my windows really show up in this picture!

Here is my "I'm a writer" look. Think anybody will believe me?

I can't believe that I've admitted to the whole world wide web that I've spent the morning trying to take a decent picture of myself.

Oh well, I can rest knowing that only people who already know how nuts I am stop by here anyway.

What I want to know is this. How many of you have ever tried to take your own picture? It's easier said than done. But if you're sitting around with nothing to do, try it. It is an activity that is good for at least a dozen laughs!

The pose I finally decided on is in my sidebar. Wow Brittney, you already noticed! Good for you!


angels2momma said...

I think I like the one you chose for your picture on the side bar. I as well like the last one. You are pretty good at taking your own picture. I tried once to take my picture to put on one of those places on the web where you can try on hair styles. Mine was not good at all. I will blame it on the camera as it was one of the first digital camera's to come out. Did you go to see Fireproof? Just wondering how it was.

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks for the comment! The camera does make a big difference.
We are going to see Fireproof on Sunday. I'll let ya know.

Brittney said...

Hey I may be living in a fog, but I do notice things, I just don't always remember that I noticed them.

Yes I have tried to take photos of me before.....for several different reasons...never had them come out good. I always look like I am angry....Guess I am trying too hard to be sure I am in the frame.

Terry and Thomas are at the UT, Arkansas game. I just put the last hand stitch in Braedyn's Christmas stocking. Now all I have to do is wash, iron and sew it together. A big relief for on to my next project. I can already feel my fingers getting ready to get that first stitch into the fabric.

Hope you enjoy the movie. Just saw it advertise on TV last night. No more than I watch, I am suprised I saw yet.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

Oh, I feel so much better! This is so me.

A blog picture is very important, must look serious, but not moody. Fun loving, but not a goof. It's hard work!

(I like the last picture the best)

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks for the comment! I put my writer face on and my eyes on you went to my facebook.
Gotta have that spice ya know. (variety)

God's Gal Sarah said...

I love all the new pics!!!

L.L. Barkat said...

But your eyes seem ageless. Lovely. (Have you ever seen Finding Neverland? I still remember the old woman with the gorgeous green eyes.) Maybe it's the sense that the soul is shining through...

Talkin' Texan said...

L.L. Barkat,
Thanks for the kind comment.

Walter Mitty said...

I really like the coloring book photo. I think you should put it on the spine of all the books you write. Then when I am at the library I will see you looking from the bookshelf and I will check out that book.