Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does Anyone Ever Read My Sidebar?

Okay, so this is my second post for the day. That makes up for one of the many days I've missed in the past because I didn't have anything worthy to talk about, or I just flat didn't have the time.

I want your opinions and input about my blog. #1--Does anybody ever read my sidebar? Last night my precious husband commented on my post, so I knew he read it. I asked if he signed up to be one of my "followers." The blank stare & the weak grin told me that either he didn't have a clue what I was talking about, or that he thought I had lost my last marble thinking that HE should "follow" ME. (Our marriage is the old-fashioned type. You know--he holds the remote, he drives, he brings home the bacon, and I...well...I take care of all the "domestic" issues, and I blog.) Come to find out, he never looks at my sidebar so he didn't see the new thingies I added. One to subscribe to posts and/or comments, and the other to follow my blog.

Right now I have one follower and that is because I ASKED her to sign up. She is a sweet kid and likes to patronize her aging aunt, so she obliged. She also has a very nice blog and a huge heart for God, so you should stop by and visit her there some time.

I discovered that to "follow" me, you have to have a Google account. If you blog on blogger, you already have one. But if you are like most of my friends who have not moved into the age of "every body's blogging," you will need to get a Google account. It is no big deal and it costs you nothing. All it does is create a user name and password (like we all need more of those) and a profile that will let you into any of Google's stuff, and identifies you (if you so choose) when you comment on my or any one's blogger blog. Confused yet?

If you want to admit that you get up every morning and rush to your computer to see if I've got a new post, (okay, even precious hubby doesn't do that) or even if you just check in from time to time and don't mind letting me and the whole world know, then sign up. Please!
I'm proud to tell you that I do practice humility, and I'm NOT trying to create a "following" for myself. Honest! It's just that every good writer knows her readers. I know my kids, my husband, at least one niece, and two precious friends read my posts regularly. But beyond that, I don't know who I'm writing to. When a writer knows her readers, she can better write-to-fit.

#2--Now about the "Subscribe" button. That's kind of self-explanatory. If you want to know when I make new posts or update my blog, then subscribe. It's just like subscribing to your favorite magazine. (I know this has to be your favorite blog, right?) You can have me sent right to your home page. Yeah, the one that you do run to first thing every day.

#3--All the other stuff. My bookshelf. Do you care what I'm reading? Did you know that if you mouse over the books you can read my reviews and ratings? Is that helpful to you at all? What about the trivia quiz? Do you ever take it? Are you sick of seeing it?
Is there anything else on the sidebar you like, dislike, wish to see, or wish you didn't have to look at?

The writer in me wants to go way beyond being amused by my own fancies. I want to reach out to my readers and give you something worthy of your time. There is nothing wrong with online journals. I love reading them, so if you have one, keep writing and I'll keep on reading it. But I want to create something more--a tool God can use for His purposes.

If you are one of my REALLY un-savy-to-the-ways-of-the-web friends, simply click on the "comments link" at the bottom of this post and pour your heart out. You can pick how you want to be identified, and if you want to remain anonymous, that's fine.

Your input will help me minister to you, be a source of joy to you, and give you something to think about, smile about, or praise God about. This is my goal. Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am one of your un-savy-to-the-ways-of-the-web friends. I do look at all of the side things that you have. I even noticed this morning that you had changed some things, like the color and layout. I had looked at follow this blog but did not have an account so I closed it and went on. I will go back and change that. I have as well looked at your bookshelf. I don't remember running my mouse over it so I will have to try that sometime when my babies are crying and I need to escape for the sound. I have tried a couple the quiz several times but I find that I don't know much when I start them. It is that for you talked about before that makes me not remember all that stuff I have up ther in my mind but can't find. I did notice the calendar a while back. I have also not only played the puzzles but have them coming to my email each day after trying them. Something that I am praising God about (are you sitting down) as this will suprise you but I am going to be baptized in November. I realized sometime ago that I had not actually ask Christ into my heart and so on June 21st that is what I did. It as well makes me smile when I think about it. Well, this is long enough and I need to go and sign up before that fog rolls back in. Cindy

Talkin' Texan said...

Bless your heart and praise God for your recent decision. I'm smiling too.
Thanks for your input. I think, way back when you first started commenting on my blog, you did start a google account, but then you either closed it or forgot your user name and password. FOG? Anyway, it shouldn't be hard to open one again if you want to. I'll try to locat the posts that have your google icon on the comment. If I find it, I'll let you know.
Wish I could be there for your baptism!
Love ya girl!

Brittney said...

I do look at your sidebar. I always look at the weather where you are. ( I am a weather geek). I have read your profile, I even saw you had a follower, but didn't know what that was all about. I do look at your bookcase, but never ran my mouse over them,but now I know. I do look at your pictures you have and I use to do the puzzles some, but lately have not had much time to do that. I will have to admit I don't do the quiz, I read through the questions, but then I think.....I know this, but I cannot remember the location, ( I had that trouble in history class, back when I was school. I could tell you about the events...but don't ask me names or locations) I even notice that you have changed your background for the second time since I first started reading it.I really enjoy your quotes and the things you have learned the hard way. They make me smile...or think.

Talkin' Texan said...

Hey Brittney,
Thanks for your input too. I think the quiz is going to have to go. It repeats itself pretty often and since you and Cindy seem to be my only regular readers outside of family, and neither of you just LOVE the thing, it's not worth the space it takes up. Rick sometimes does it, but he's the one that complains that it repeats too much.
Just so you'll know...If I ever write a book, you and Cindy will have to buy a LOT of copies!!! Ha Ha Ha! Thanks for being such good friends!!!

Brittney said...

Your changed your picture. And you thought nobody looks at the sidebar.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...


Thanks so very much for reading my blog today and leaving such nice and encouraging words to my post titled 'Sometimes I just need a good cry!' Thank you so very much for your great words of wisdom and insight and you're so right; I do need to pray for my husband because he probably feels his own strain too.

And BTW, yes, I do read your sidebars as well as so many others blogs sidebars. In fact I usually view sidebars as my first thing when visiting a blog. It's easier for me to catch up on sidebars first and then I usually scroll back up to read the latest posts.

I love your sidebars with the grandchildren and weather forecasts as well as other informative news.

Sarah Cecilia