Saturday, September 6, 2008

Somebody Prayed for Power!

And God said, "YES!"

I had prepared myself for the worst. When we left Arlington, the last word we had was that there was no power at the campground where we were able to get reservations, and power was not expected to be restored for at least 10 days. We do have a generator, but it burns costly gasoline, is noisy, and it can run only a few things at a time. So to live on generated power meant no morning coffee, no blow dryer, (which with my curly hair and Louisiana humidity, that was no big deal--you can't tell that I try to fix my hair anyway) no washing dirty clothes, no microwave cooking, .........

But praise the Lord, power is back on in the area and I've had my morning coffee! Last night when we checked in, the lady at the desk said that the reason they were able to get power restored so soon was because the owner of the campground "knew somebody."

Yeah, me too! ;) God is good isn't He?

So here we are in Livingston, LA just a little east of Baton Rouge. We're all settled in (except for some major cleaning I need to do, and I still have to talk Rick into putting the awning out for me) and Rick is hard at work.

Me? Like I said, I have some house cleaning to do. I already scrubbed the toilet this morning! And I've been out to take a few pictures so you can have a look around too.
The campground is full of insurance adjusters. We are camped next to some we call friends. Amarillo is home for them too. It is always a pleasure when we get to work a storm with people we know. Our rig is way down at the end of this row.We know we are in the coastal south when we catch millions of love bug on the front of the trailer as we go down the road. Rick spent 3 days washing and waxing our "house" while we were home. Oh well...Love bugs are SO annoying! If you've never encountered them, let me know and I'll get you a close up picture. (of live ones in action) But if you really want, I can snap a close-up picture of the dead ones caught on the camper. lol. It's up to you.You know we've settled in when the chairs and little table and BBQ are set up. We've been on the move some much lately, and when we were in New Hampshire it rained every day, so we've not had the chairs out in a while. (Rick never takes time to sit and relax, but one chair looks so lonely.) But...we are watching Ike and hoping that we won't have to bug out.Do you remember my single-pot flower garden? The whole time we were in New England (practically all summer) it never got enough sun. So it pouted and refused to bloom. In just the few days we were home, with the nice bright Texas sun and hot temperatures, it came out of it's funk and started putting on new leaves and blooms. It is glad to be in the South again!

This is the view from my chair on the patio. We were lucky to get a lakeside spot. The campground has a few pets. This is Snowflake. He is quite taken with himself. The last time we stayed here (passing through almost a year ago) he chased us, but today he was happy to pose for me when he saw my camera. He turned his head to the left, then to the right, then back to the left...Talk about a bird with an attitude! I expect he will chase me again before our time here is over.Snowflake has a friend. Midnight is a little more humble and hospitable.Then there are these two little guys. I don't know if they have names, but they trail along behind the swans peacefully. Wanna-bes I guess.

Okay, I've killed enough time. It's time to drag out the broom and mop and dust rag. Or maybe I should have lunch first. Ya think? Yeah, me too.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you got all that work done. If you need more to do you can come on over to my house and I have plenty. I am sure that it is not all that long of a trip. I was going to tell you before. I can not believe how beuatiful your daughters are. I as well cannot believe that they are all grown up. It amazes me where the time went. I showed the picture to Jon and he was amazed at them as well. Then he said remember how old Krysta was when we left Amarillo. Where does the time go. I hope that you enjoy the stay where you are. I think I would love to change places for a short time with you so that I could sit and look at that lake and watch the ducks and just have some peace and quite. I guess that will come in time. Well, I have gotta go and take care of the baby crying. Have a wonderful day. Cindy

Talkin' Texan said...

Cindy, I'd love to help you clean your house, but by the time I made the drive I think I'd be too worn out! lol. Yes my girls have grown into beautiful young ladies. I'm sure yours have too. Time has made them beautiful and it's made me fat and gray-headed. Funny how that works!
Any time you want to come sit by the lake with me, pack up and come on. I'd love the female compay and conversation! It has been a LONG time since I got to visit with one of my FROG ladies.

Brittney said...


I have to admit, I nearly didn't check out your site today, thinking you were probably out of power still. AM I glad that I did. I do so enjoy looking at your photos. The pictures of the ducks and swans reminds me of my folks backyard. They have ducks and swans all the time. They have given them names like quacker. They really love living on the lake. I sometimes have to laugh...because it takes me 3 days to clean my house ( I never really get through) It is just a little 3 bedroom, two bath house....and you have only a little travel traylor to clean. But I know sometimes those places are harder to keep straight. ( When we first moved here, we lived in a two bedroom efficency apartment.) It was so good to get to talk to you last week. Since then, I have learned that Braedyn is coming to visit us. He will get here Thursday afternoon and then fly back to North Carlina Sunday. Melissa does not know the times when he will get here. Terry is taking Friday off, because it has to be taken off or he loses it. It is a good thing, because I have lined up two interviews for Friday. Thomas was given tickets to the UT game Saturday and he ask Terry to go. They are playing Arkansas. Melissa's oldest sister-in-law goes to school in Arkansas and she has tickets to the game too. Only wished Melissa and Ryan were coming home too. They are going to try to come home on Christmas. Guess we will see. Glad to see you are all hooked up to the good stuff.